The SGSWCD is Government of Guam Board established by Guam Public Law 31-125:2 that works with government agencies and private land owners to promote the conservation of Guam's soil and water resources.

The District is operated by a Board of five Directors who are the designated officials elected by Guam’s registered bonafide farmers and land owners. Each Director serves a term of three years. The Guam SWCD Elections are held on the second Tuesday of August of Election year.

The University of Guam serves as the technical advisor to the Guam SWCDs and is also the designated pass through authority for funding. The University of Guam is responsible for hosting the Guam SWCD elections.




Promoting stewardship through the conservation of our soil, water and natural resources for our island and our future.




  • Promote, sustain and support the conservation of Guam’s soil and water resources.
  • Be good stewards of our environment.
  • Build community, and instill sustainability